My name is Sebastian. I have been photographing professionally for 7 years and I have been learning the profession for many years.


I would like to present a lot to you on this blog and systematically present new photos. Unfortunately, covid-19 meant that I did not have any photo orders, I had to take another job. But I want to come back to that. I have a lot of ideas for various photos and self-development. Unfortunately, the limitations are low earnings and no savings. I spend all my money on my life, my home, and I can't have free funds for my passion, photography. 

I would like to present you a lot of cool photos on instagram and my blog. But I need your help so that I can have funds, for example, to rent a studio or buy lamps.  In the future, I dream of going on a trip to an exotic place and taking an interesting photo, but unfortunately it is a big cost for me at the moment.

I will be very grateful and happy if you start supporting my work by donating any amount. I will repay you with great photos :)



Recipient : Sebastian Kretkowski

Reference number/description:  FASHIONSEBA

IBAN:  LT47 3250 0791 2985 1310


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